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PROOF There was NO DOWNGRADE | Spiderman Review Roundup | 2k Defend Microtransactions & MORE!

The reviews are in for Spider-Man for PS4, as well an update surrounding the “downgrade”. 2K say that microtransactions are an “unfortunate reality” of modern gaming. DICE provide details on Battlefield V’s battle royale mode, Firestorm. And Blizzard released some WoW gear a little bit earlier than intended.

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Spider-Man reviews:
The Guardian

Digital Foundry Spider-Man Analysis

2K microtransactions interview

Microtransactions are an “unfortunate reality” of modern gaming, says NBA 2K19 producer

This is Battlefield V – Firestorm, Singleplayer, Multiplayer, & Tides of War

Blizzard release World of Warcraft gear early

News Nuggets

Henry Cavill cast as lead in Netflix’s Witcher series

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw got a Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo desperately want you to be excited about playing 30 year old games, announcing that you will be able to play the original Mario Bros. online with a friend on the Switch.

Warframe parent company Athalon Games announced it is working on free to play “AAA” Lord of the Rings MMO which will come to PC and consoles

Athlon Games Partners with Middle-earth Enterprises

Could Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition be getting an Imminent Console Port?
The Switch has sold 5 million units in Japan
PUBG now has 9 million players on Xbox
Moonfall Ultimate is out now on Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC

And this was Call of Duty: Black Ops Design Director’s when asked if the game will becoming to Switch


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